Now Featuring: Ultimat Vodka. An ultra-premium vodka.

From the Creators of Patrón:

Unlike any other ultra-premium vodka, Ultimat is a carefully crafted balance of three ingredients — wheat for smoothness, rye for complexity, and potato for richness. Ultimat is produced in Poland, long considered the birthplace of vodka. Each bottle is a meticulously designed elegant cobalt blue crystal decanter. To sip Ultimat is to find balance. Literally and figuratively.

J.R.’s Steakhouse will be featuring Ultimat Vodka in the ‘Simply Ultimat Martini’, Chilled and served straight up. Available Now.

An Internet Sensation

Ultimat Vodka became an internet sensation this past Summer as they took to the high rises of New York and Chicago to encourage overworked professionals to “Stop Working” and “Start Drinking”